Workshop Europeu (FabLab)


Workshop Europeu (FabLab)
Agrilab is organizing next Tuesday at 10:00 CET the second workshop open to all students does not matter institution. This workshop requires some machines ready.
•  Organizer: AgriLab
•  Date and time: 02/03/2021 2 march 10:00 CET/Paris time
•  Duration: 2 h
•  Contents : How to produce to produce g-code and use a 3D printer in creative and non-standard way
• Software/Hadware/other material to prepare beforehand: 3D FDM printer, if possible with direct USB connection. Software : Pronterface , https://github.com/kliment/Printrun/ , or any software that can send gcode instructions commands manually . I will show Processing to generate code , https://processing.org/ , but any software to code and generate text file works.
•  Requirements: 3D FDM printer and basic 3D printer operation skills
•  Workshop link: https://oulu.zoom.us/j/67158121933?from=addon