Projetos finais dos alunos da Fab Academy


Projetos finais dos alunos da Fab Academy

António Gonçalves

Aqua Project

This catamaran called aqua, presented to FAB ACADEMY community the last June, 19th (video here), will be used for research and investigation for high school students, profession and polytechnic schools at the university level. There are several similar projects, at the educational and academic level as well as at the professional industry world. Same of them are documented at the first assignment here. I design all the structures in 3D, the electronics boards and the programming. The materials used for the structure were the usual PLA polymer used at 3D printing, ESP walls heat isolation and cork, milled with a CNC and 3D printed. Of course, electronics components, like LEDs, resistors, capacitors, BLE chip, ATmega328, thermistors, phototransistors, servos, drivers, wires and DC motors. They were bought at local and online stores and it costs around 1200 euros. I made the hull, the electronics boards, the wiring, soldering, and the programming. The main processes will be directly related to Digital Fabrication, namely, 3D design and printing, electronics design and production, CNC milling and cutting, as well as molding and casting. The main question is to know if it is possible to build a small catamaran, as ecological as possible and strong enough, to be used for research and educational purposes. Evaluation of this project will be done comparing the starting idea with the pausing point at the end of this course, that is, today! The project incorporates 2D and 3D design, additive and subtractive fabrication processes, electronics design, and production, microcontroller interfacing, and programming, system integration and packaging. This project was built by my own responsibility with several contributors.


The idea is to make the number board and I'm thinking about making this with numbers that are lighted when they are selected or when they are being randomized. Only having a few buttons like a "New game" and a "New number", some segmented numbers for the last number selected, and all in an A3 sheet format.
For my final project, I decided to make a plant pot, with an integrated CO2 sensor that allows evaluating the quality of the air inside our houses.
Vacuum Forming Machine
In this machine, the user selects the program intended for the type of material that will be used, after the user selects the program the machine will heat the material and automatically knows that the material is ready to be molded and again automatically the machine puts the material at the exact height on the vacuum table.
GROUU nursery

The GROUU nursery is an automated “bench greenhouse” aimed at efficiently and automatically sprouting seeds.

GROUU is about designing and prototyping a medium for Open Agriculture. It is a Precision Agriculture sensor network and an Irrigation and fertilization system but also a knowledge transfer platform, connecting both systems and humans. It follows a modular Object-Oriented Hardware approach were “(...) software objects and hardware objects are peers that have procedures, methods, ports, and presentations. Machine building modules are available as software libraries are to programmers.” (Peek 2016).